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About DQS

Start Your Longarm Quilting Journey Today!

Whether you are starting your longarm journey, starting a longarm business, wanting to upgrade your system, or add automation, we can help you.  Our goal is to help our customers have a "delightful" longarm experience.   From providing accurate information about Nolting longarm machines, Quiltmagine and IntelliQuilter automation, through delivery, installation, and training, everything we do is meant to help our customers grow as a longarm quilter.

Delightful Quilting & Sewing is owned by Joyce Blowers who has had over 35 years experience as a quilter.  Beginning as a hand quilter, but quickly transitioning to machine quilting and finally longarm quilting and automation, Joyce has a wealth of knowledge on sewing, quilt construction techniques, and quilting which she readily shares.  Joyce is assisted in the business by her husband, Ron, who has years of experience in mechanical repair and maintenance. 

Delightful Quilting & Sewing opened its doors in 2009 as a Nolting dealer serving New York, Pennsylvania, and the Northeast.  In 2016 IntelliQuilter asked DQS to become an iQ dealer.  Since 2015 Joyce has been teaching Quiltmagine and since 2017 teaching IntelliQuilter.

Joyce and Ron are the authors of "Guide to Quilting With Your Nolting," a comprehensive guide that covers all aspects of longarm quilting from loading, to tension, and even troubleshooting.  The book is available in our online store


Joyce has many years teaching experience and greatly enjoys sharing her knowledge of automation (Quiltmagine and IntelliQuilter) with students both in-person and through virtual classes.  Although the brand software procedures differ, there are common principles and practices that overshadow all computer guided quilting.   Classes include both hands-on software instruction as well instruction on the principles that apply to all computer guided quilting.


For Joyce and Ron, one of the best parts of being a Nolting and IntelliQuilter dealer is the quilters they meet.  They have enjoyed traveling, installing, teaching, and meeting wonderful quilters from Maine to California, Texas to Alaska.

Nolting Longarm
Melissa McAfee, CEO since October 2019

Melissa has a vision for the future of Nolting that includes keeping the core values of the company, the high quality of Nolting longarm systems, remaining in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with the current employees and tech support, and taking Nolting to the next level with a “desire to meet the customer needs and desires to satisfy their creativity," We are excited to be a dealer for Nolting Longarm and look forward to working with Melissa as Nolting moves ahead to the “next level.”

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