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Precision Quilting at Your Fingertips!

Quiltmagine is an add-on automation system for Nolting stitch regulated machines on a Nolting commercial frame.  Quiltmagine has easy-to-use, simple navigation with many placement and editing features, comes loaded with over 400 patterns, and stitches beautifully.

Cindy E with Pro 24 and Quiltmagine
Quiltmagine automation home screen
Marian F with Nolting CLX and Quiltmagine
Quiltmagine Features and Functions

About Quiltmagine

  • Design and position patterns, pantographs, borders, and full quilt layouts.

  • Includes pattern library with over 400 free quilt-ready patterns

  • Precise pattern placement methods, even on-point blocks.

  • See your pattern on-screen before quilting.

  • Record and save any free-hand quilted patterns to use or edit later (PRO and Gold).

  • Switch between computer-guided quilting and hand-guided quilting

  • Use the tablet away from machine in simulation mode

  • Import free or purchase patterns from online sites

  • Quiltmagine available in three tiers:

    • Basic (entry level pantos and blocks) - $5,900

    • Pro (additional panto and block features) - $7,900

    • Gold - additional advanced features available (must own Pro tier - annual subscription - $200 per year

Operating Quiltmagine

What You Will Need To Use Quiltmagine:

  • Any Nolting stitch regulated longarm mounted on the Nolting commercial (steel) frame

What Is Included with Quiltmagine Purchase:

  • Quiltmagine software on USB thumb drive

  • Quiltmagine carriage (replaces Nolting carriage model older than 2016)

  • All hardware and belts to connect the system

What You Provide:

  • Tablet with Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 or higher operating system (Note: will not work with Windows RT). See tablet requirements in the green box.

  • Desire to quilt masterpieces - add your creativity and ideas and Quiltmagine will quilt it

Tablet Requirements
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 or higher operating system, will not work with Windows RT

  • 1.67 GHz or faster processor (faster is better) 

  • 2 GB or more Ram (more RAM is better)

  • 64 GB hard drive space with at least 2 GB available for program installation

  • Minimum 1024 x 768 screen

  • Screen size 10” - 12” on longest side

  • Full size USB port on the tablet.  If USB-C additional cord purchase

  • Two USB ports recommended

  • Internet connection is necessary for software registration, activation, and card access benefits. QM does not access internet when working.  Use Airplane mode when quilting

Quilt made/quilted by Joyce Blowers

Quiltmagine Resources

  • Quiltmagine Video Tutorials - tutorials on features and functions with lots of techniques and tops by Joyce Blowers.  Recorded at the frame.  Subscription service - Vimeo, ad free viewing.

Nolting NV and Quiltmagine
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