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Nolting's NEW longarm designed to take your quilting journey to new heights!

Flair no back handles.png

Flair Features

Smooth, Lightweight, The BEST New Machine on the Market

The Flair combines innovation, precision, and creativity utilizing the same electronics found in the Diamond.

  • 20” throat depth with 8” inside height

  • 4.3” Front Touchscreen Display that includes a laser port.  Displays include stitching mode selection, stitch length or stitching speed, lighting, project counters, oil maintenance reminders, measurement tool for X, Y, and Diagonal

  • Nolting's proprietary stitch regulator with 4 amazing stitch modes: regulated, non-regulated, cruise, and baste

  • Dimmable LED needle area and throat lighting

  • Snappy stitching response

  • Front curved handles, up and down adjustable for comfortable quilting.  Back curved handles and back display available. (add $500)

  • Six handle buttons: Start, Stop, two Needle Up/Down buttons, increase and decrease stitch length

  • Easy to add Quiltmagine automation on either Nolting frame

Flair no back handles_edited.jpg
flair display.png

Machine Price: $11,995

Machine and 12' Commercial Frame: $15,995

Machine and Stretch Steel Frame Kit: $13,995

Machine Color: Dark Charcoal



With package purchase, we offer delivery, installation, and training.  And, you are entitled to a free longarm class at our Avon studio. 

Call for a quote and more information.  585-226-2577

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