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Hands-on, Virtual Classes, and Tutorials to Grow Your Automation Skills

As a former high science school teacher, Joyce knows the value of education, especially hands-on learning.  We offer several modes of learning to help you grow your automation and longarm knowledge and skills.

  • Hands-on classes and virtual Zoom classes are designed for you to follow along with sample "projects" on your tablet.  You follow the instructions and do the same thing on your tablet in demo or simulation mode resulting in muscle memory to help you to remember how to do the procedure the next time you use it.

  • Quiltmagine Online Video Tutorials which cover a wide range of topics from getting started to advanced techniques and Gold features, taped at the frame and illustrate step-by-step how to complete the function or technique.  Subscription service hosted through Vimeo with no distracting ads.  Cost is $9.99 per month or $99 per year.  Enjoy 24/7 access and unlimited viewing. 

  • Longarm Technique videos covering some of the annoying issues like tension, keeping a quilt square, and dealing with a vertical backing seam.


Classes, tutorials and videos include many techniques and tips to make your automation quilting easier and more fun.

About the Teacher

Classes and tutorials are taught by Joyce Blowers, owner of Delightful Quilting & Sewing and co-author of "Guide to Quilting with Your Nolting.

Joyce has over 35 years of quilting experience, is a former high school science teacher, and advocate for hands-on learning.

Joyce's classes and tutorials are full of technique and tips.

Joyce Blowers, owner of Delightful Quilting and Sewing

What Our Students Are Saying

The videos are wonderful news, Joyce. Your gift for teaching is phenomenal. I am very tickled to be able to view (and if needed view more than once) and purchase instructional help with Quiltmagine!

Janice R.

This is wonderful!! I’ve taken 2 of your classes. Loved them, learned a lot! But by the time I needed the information I couldn’t remember it. Videos are PERFECT! Happy to pay for them, too.

Ellen H

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