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Quiltmagine Classes

1930s DWR maker unknown, quilted by Joyce Blowers

Quiltmagine has many powerful features for placing blocks, designing pantos, and customizing your quilt.  Other features can be used to create HST and QST blocks, designing quilt tops, and unique borders and sashing using existing and purchased patterns.  You can even design your own patterns and much more.  Advanced features and the Gold access offer even more options. 


Learn how to use QM by taking our in-person or on-line classes or watch the Video Tutorials.

Class Details

  • Classes taught by Joyce Blowers.  More about Joyce.

  • Classes are hands-on. On your tablet, follow along with the exercises and create the samples we are working on.

  • Zoom Virtual Group Classes typically run 1 ½ to 2 hours, Class Fee $35 plus credit card fee ($36.50).  Private classes can be scheduled, $65 for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, plus credit card fee.

  • In-person classes are usually full day, one-on-one or group.  Class Fee varies

  • Classes allow time for student questions

  • Virtual Zoom Classes are recorded and available for you to watch again for about two weeks at no extra cost

Class Schedule

Upcoming Classes announced on:

Tips and Techniques for Getting Started - Quiltmagine

In-Person at Sun Valley Quilts, Sun City, AZ

Monday, April 22, 2024 at 1:30:00 PM UTC

This introductory class is a game changer in jump starting your QCT, Quiltmagine, or Quilt Path automation journey. Leave class confident in using your automation system.

Class covers:

· Getting set up and ready to use the automation system

· Learn to “think” like the program

· Place and sew different block styles

· Design and stitch pantos using Power Panto and Zone Stitching (other panto modes briefly covered)

All levels of QCT 6, QM and Quilt Path V 5

From Just Quilted to WOW! Quiltmagine

In-Person at Sun Valley Quilts, Sun City, AZ

Tuesday, April 23, 2024 at 1:30:00 PM UTC

The QCT, Quiltmagine, Quilt Path program is packed with features that can easily turn so-so quilts into unique, customized and WOW quilts. What is your vision for your quilt? What “look” do you want? Opening with a discussion on quilt styles and customization, you will learn easy to use functions and techniques to upscale and customize blocks and pantos. Some Gold features (included in Quilt Path) that offer even more precision and customization will be introduced.

All levels of QCT 6, Quiltmagine V5, and QuiltPath V5

Finishing Touches with Quiltmagine

In-Person at Sun Valley Quilts, Sun City, AZ

Wednesday, April 24, 2024 at 1:30:00 PM UTC

Like the icing on a cake, the finishing details add to the customized “look” of the quilt. QCT, Quiltmagine, and Quilt Path have wonderful features to easily quilt borders, add finishing customization touches, and stitch with precision.

Class covers:

· Several border techniques

· Borders and Corners

· Precision stitching with Fabric Compensation

· Add your “signature” or text to the quilt top

· Crop out an embroidery or text with Pattern eClipse

· Sew the binding onto the quilt while it is still on the frame

Class open to all levels using demo mode. Class benefits QCT 6+ and above, Quiltmagine V5 Pro, Quilt Path V5.

Quiltmagine Classes


Winter Virtual Quiltmagine classes will be scheduled soon.

Please check back to see the classes, dates and time.

What Students Are Saying

Thanks for the wonderful class today. I am planning to do 6 quilts this weekend and will be sure to use much of the information you gave to me today.    Kathleen M.

I enjoyed your class today. I learned so much. Thank you.    Wanda M.J.

Really enjoyed the first class.    Gayle S.

I took a class with Joyce in her studio in New York.  She is an awesome instructor.     Leslie Ann H.

This class was a turning point in my "how do I use this software I bought" journey!!  Worth every penny and every long distance mile.     Melanie L.

Spots Dots and Circles made/quilted by Joyce Blowers
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