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Quiltmagine Classes

1930s DWR maker unknown, quilted by Joyce Blowers

Quiltmagine has many powerful features for placing blocks, designing pantos, and customizing your quilt.  Other features can be used to create HST and QST blocks, designing quilt tops, and unique borders and sashing using existing and purchased patterns.  You can even design your own patterns and much more.  Advanced features and the Gold access offer even more options. 


Learn how to use QM by taking our in-person or on-line classes or watch the Video Tutorials.

Class Details

  • Classes taught by Joyce Blowers.  More about Joyce.

  • Classes are hands-on. On your tablet, follow with the exercises and create the samples we are working on.

  • Zoom Virtual Group Classes typically run 1 ½ to 2 hours, Class Fee $35 plus credit card fee ($36.50).  Private classes can be scheduled, $65 for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, plus credit card fee.

  • In-person classes are usually full day, one-on-one or group.  Class Fee varies

  • Classes allow time for student questions

  • Virtual Zoom Classes are recorded and available for you to watch again for about two weeks at no extra cost

Class Schedule

Upcoming Classes announced on:

2-Day Workshop - Sept 29 and 30

In-Person at Delightful Quilting & Sewing, Avon, NY

Friday, September 29, 2023 at 1:00:00 PM UTC

Two days of in-depth hands-on training in Quiltmagine / QCT (The Grace Co) software.  From getting the tablet and software setup correctly for your system to basics and customizing blocks, designing, editing and customizing pantos in Power Panto, to the details of zone manager and zone stitching  We will even work with several of the gold features that you will find helpful to enhance the precision of your quilting.

Quilting Basics Blocks & Getting Started

In-Person at Sun Valley Quilts, Sun City, AZ

Thursday, October 19, 2023 at 1:30:00 PM UTC

Quilting basics with an emphasis on getting started with the software, making sure the tablet and settings are correct, and features and functions for quilting blocks.

  • Software Intro

  • Program Overview

  • Select and Sew and Sewing Blocks

  • Importing Patterns

  • Repair

Quilting Basics - Pantos

In-Person at Sun Valley Quilts, Sun City, AZ

Friday, October 20, 2023 at 1:30:00 PM UTC

Quilting basics with an emphasis on features and functions for pantograph design and quilting.

  • Importance of correct loading, zero center

  • Pantograph, Designing Pantos both Beginnings and Power Panto

  • Ruler

  • Zone Stitching

Customizing Features & Functions

In-Person at Sun Valley Quilts, Sun City, AZ

Monday, October 23, 2023 at 1:30:00 PM UTC

We will dive into the features and functions that are available for customizing the quilting.

What is customizing?

  • QCT / QM is a design tool

  • Designing borders and sashings in Pantograph

  • Multi-Placement for easy customization (gold)

  • Marking Tool

Design, Edit, & Customize Features

In-Person at Sun Valley Quilts, Sun City, AZ

Tuesday, October 24, 2023 at 1:30:00 PM UTC

Concentrating on features and functions that can be used to design, edit, and customize patterns.

  • Designing and Editing Patterns (PatternCAD), Mirrors

  • Optimize

  • Borders and Corners (gold) – turning quilt, side borders, End Point Adjust

  • Fabric Compensation

  • Pattern eClipse (gold)

What Students Are Saying

Thanks for the wonderful class today. I am planning to do 6 quilts this weekend and will be sure to use much of the information you gave to me today.    Kathleen M.

I enjoyed your class today. I learned so much. Thank you.    Wanda M.J.

Really enjoyed the first class.    Gayle S.

I took a class with Joyce in her studio in New York.  She is an awesome instructor.     Leslie Ann H.

This class was a turning point in my "how do I use this software I bought" journey!!  Worth every penny and every long distance mile.     Melanie L.

Spots Dots and Circles made/quilted by Joyce Blowers
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