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Economical Choice for Hand or Computer Guided

Nolting CLX longarm quilting machine

CLX Features

Nolting CLX longarm quilter
  • Equalizer controller with stitch regulation and motor speed (non-regulated)

  • Front and rear handles with single stitch button and start/stop button

  • Needle up/down - single stitch button

  • 12” floresent task lighting above the needle

  • Optional 12” UV light

  • Built in laser light with front and rear port

  • Throat length 20” and 24” with 10” inside height or 30” throat length with 12” inside heigh

Machine Price starting at: $11,950 (20" throat and L-bobbin)

20" Machine (L) and 12' Commercial Frame: $15,900

24" Machine (L) and 12' Commercial Frame: $16,900

30" Machine (L) and 12' Commercial Frame: $17,900

Custom color and M-bobbin upgrade available

Hopping Foot Options

Frame options and upgrades available.

See Options & Upgrades

Nolting CLX longarm quilter
Quilt made/quilted by Joyce Blowers

DQS CLX Owners

With package purchase, we offer delivery, installation, and training.  And, you are entitled to a free longarm class at our Avon studio. 

Call for a quote and more information.  585-226-2577

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