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Quilting Bee

Short on Space?  The Sit Down Quilting Bee is the Answer.

Nolting Quilting Bee sit down

Quilting Bee Features

Nolting quilting bee - magenta color
  • Throat 15” deep and 8” inside height

  • Perpendicular mounted head for free continuous sewing

  • No fee dogs for multi-directional motion quilting

  • Vari-drive speed controller

  • 30” x 48” round corner table for large quilting surface

  • 12” florescent task lighting above the needle

  • Round hopping foot for using rulers and templates

  • M large size bobbin

  • Needle up/down button for basting, bringing up bobbin thread or locking stitches

  • Optional feet available including foot for couching and spoon foot • Bobbin winder included

  • Custom colors available - Add $995

Nolting Quilting Bee sit down

Complete system includes table, bobbin winder, thread stand and accessories


DWR 1930's, maker unknown, quilted by Joyce Blowers

DQS Quilting Bee Owners

Nolting Quilting Bee sit down
Carole with Quilting Bee

With package purchase, we offer delivery, installation, and training.  And, you are entitled to a free longarm class at our Avon studio. 

Call for a quote and more information.  585-226-2577

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